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South Carolina


Rowesville, SC
  • Abandon nineteen (19) 3/4" PVC wells by grouting in-place.
  • Abandon three (3) 2" PVC wells by grouting in-place.
  • Remove flushmount covers. Remove and/or cut off protective casings below grade surface.
  • Resurface six (6) wells located in lawn areas with topsoil, grass seed and straw.
  • Complete 1903 Forms.

North Main Street

Anderson, SC
  • Advanced four (4) soil borings using a 4' macro core sampler at an angle of 22 1⁄2 degrees to a depth of
    16' bgs.
  • Collect four (4) groundwater samples using the SP16 groundwater sampling system in depths ranging from 30' to 50' bgs.
  • Drilling and sampling equipment was decontaminated between all borings.
  • All boreholes were grouted upon completion of drilling.

Drilling Services in Clinton, SC

Clinton, SC
HRP Associates
  • Advanced eight (8) soil borings using a 4' macro core sampler to a depth of 25' bgs.
  • Installed temporary 1" PVC wells in each boring using 10' of .010 screen.
  • Abandoned wells by pulling and grouting using bentonite cement grout. Resurfaced with like material at grade.
  • Provided three (3) reconditioned, open top drums.