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Randleman Road

Greensboro, NC
  • Install one (1), 3⁄4" diameter groundwater monitoring well.
  • Install 3⁄4" Schedule-40 PVC piping to an estimated depth of 27' below land surface (ft BLS). A 10', 0.01" slot PVC screen surrounded by a pre- packaged sand filter pack installed from 17 to 27' BLS, and a 17' PVC riser pipe will extend to the land surface.
  • The screened interval is designed to capture seasonal water table fluctuation, which is estimated to range between 18' BLS and 26' BLS. Additional filter pack material comprised of 6/25 coarse sand will extend 0.5 ft above the top of the well screen.
  • A 0.5' thick layer of 30/65 fine sand was placed above the coarse sand and bentonite pellets and installed above the fine sand filter pack to construct a 2' thick seal.
  • The remaining annular space was grouted with cement grout to a minimum 6" BLS. Develop monitoring well. Completed well with a locking cap and an eight (8)" diameter steel, bolt-down, traffic- rated manhole set flush into a 24" x 24" x 4" thick concrete pad, with a permanently affixed identification plate.
  • The well ID was etched in a metal identification tag and attached to the well pad.
  • Provided FDOT- approved 55-gallon drums for containment of investigative derived waste (IDW), specifically water generated during well installation, equipment decontamination, and well development.
  • The IDW was collected in 5-Gallon buckets and then transferred to a drum staged at the Client’s property located at 5 (adjacent to the drilling location for subsequent transportation and disposal by a certified waste hauler.
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